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Kaylen has been in the animal breeding hobby since she was 12 years old. She has dedicated her life to raising these amazing animals and enriching families lives. She will tell anyone who asks that her dogs in turn enrich her life, and make her a happy person.


Starting off with Bengal cats, 12 year old Kaylen learned how to photograph squirmy kittens and active adults, was introduced to the world of editing and maintaining a website, correspondence with customers, the highs of raising kittens, and the lows of it. Breeding is not for everyone, and there are dark, stressful and tearful days. Kaylen chooses to continue to put her best foot forward, focus on the positives, and always tries to do best by the breeds she is working with.  

Kaylen has bred French Bulldogs for the past 8 years. Sadly, due to many issues plaguing the breed, she has chosen to close that chapter of her life. Frenchies will forever remain in her heart. 

20 Years into her breeding hobby, she has fallen in love with the rare coloured Yorkshire Terriers. Having many customers who deal with allergies who still have an intense love for pets, Kaylen wanted to have a hypoallergenic option. Yorkies are fun-loving, sweet, friendly, non shedding, small, adorable little pups. They are adaptable to many lifestyles as long as they can be with their humans most of the time. Kaylen cannot wait to share her love for these amazing dogs thru photos & thru placing them with families who adore them.


Mini Dachshunds were a big part of Kaylen's childhood having a Grandmother who bred & showed longhaired standard dachshunds.  Many hours were spend socializing the puppies and the highlight of visiting Grandma was that one of the doxies could sleep in her bed at night. Doxies are a sweet, loyal, and low maintenance breed. Their coats are minimally shedding, soft and shiny. They are playful but very adaptable to a city or condo life as they do not require a lot of exercise, much like the yorkie!

Please enjoy the photos that have been lovingly taken to share our love for these breeds. 

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