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Prince 1.jpg

Prince Charming of Exotic Mirage

Prince is from the same show breeder as Piper; Adorable Dachshunds in North Carolina! We are endlessly thankful for both beautiful dogs. He is a rare isabella with incredible conformation and an absolutely beautiful and healthy coat. His eyes are the most incredible green you could ever see! He is calm, cuddly, collected, and loves his girls! He is 12lbs fully grown.

AKC Registered Smooth Isabella Mini Dachshund

Kevin Of Exotic Mirage

Rare Dark Chocolate Yorkshire Terrier

This little man is from Yorkies Ranch in the states. His colour is very rare to find! He is a non fading dark chocolate. Kevin is adventurous, sweet, cuddly, spunky and happy. He is a whopping 5lbs! We cannot wait to see the babies he might produce one day soon.

Kevin 3.jpg
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