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Piper 2.jpg

Princess Piper of Exotic Mirage

Piper is my loyal chocolate doxie. She would follow me to the ends of the earth! Her favourite treats are raw sardines and she loves running laps outside playing tag with her besties. Her conformation is to die for. Her breeder is a show breeder and you can sure tell! She is 9lbs full grown.

AKC Registered Chocolate Smooth Mini Dachshund

Coco 4.png

Coco Chanel of Exotic Mirage

Rare Chocolate & Tan Yorkshire Terrier

Coco is our beautifully spirited, sweet chocolate and tan girl. She is 10lbs full grown. Our male is tiny so she will still produce some tiny pups! She loves the outdoors and cuddles on the couch with a comfy blanket. We are so excited to see her future puppies!

Daisy 1.jpg

Daisy Dukes of Exotic Mirage

Daisy is our stunning rare blue merle yorkie! She is sweet and loves her daily walks. She is an intelligent, very gentle girl. She lights up all my days. She is bigger at 10lbs but this is much better for whelping  and general health so I do NOT mind.

Rare blue merle Yorkshire Terrier

Prairiedox Presley of Exotic Mirage

Presley is our gorgeous chocolate dapple with 1 blue eye! She is sweet, playful, and very loyal. She comes from Prairiedox Mini dachshunds and we are very thankful to Lisa for sending her to us.

Chocolate Dapple Mini Dachshund


Prairiedox Peyton of Exotic Mirage

Chocolate Dapple Mini Dachshund

Peyton is Presley's full sister! She is another unique and beautiful chocolate dapple with one partially blue eye. She is always happily wagging her tail and game for adventures. Peyton is very intelligent and loyal. She comes from Prairiedox Mini dachshunds as well and we are very thankful to Lisa for sending her to us.

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